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Course Code: 6
DL1- 2015
Price: £490.00
The BDS Distance Learning Certificate in Display and Visual Merchandising.
Special Offer price, valid until 30th April 2020 only. This course will enable you to learn the basics of visual merchandising and display. You will learn about how to arrange a presentation and group merchandise, how to select striking combinations of items, how to light them effectively and what you will need to do to enhance them with backgrounds, props and accessories.

The modules are designed to develop basic skills that will enable you to design and install displays that attract attention, communicate information and sell merchandise or services.

You will be able to complete each module in your own time then submit it for assessment, and, if judged to be of a good standard, you will progress to the next stage. After completion of a group of modules you will gain a credit which will go towards achieving a BDS qualification.

It may not always be possible to complete all the modules in order as it may be difficult to organise the practical sessions at the exact point where they appear in the list of modules. If you need help at any stage it will always be available by e-mail or telephone. In some areas of the country this may be augmented by local “surgeries” staffed by tutors.

To ensure that your work can be assessed in the most effective way it will be necessary for you to have access to a computer connected to the internet (preferably by broadband), an e-mail address, a word processing programme, a digital camera, a scanner and a webcam operating with the free downloadable Skype programme.

A small amount of other basic tools and equipment will be required, these will be listed as the course progresses.


DL1- 2015 /1A
Module 1A - Why VM? The definition of Visual Merchandising (VM) and it's primary purpose.
DL1- 2015 /1B
Module 1B - Retail Categories. How different types of businesses use VM.
DL1- 2015 /1C
Module 1C - Terminology. Words and phrases used in the industry.
DL1- 2015 /1D
Module 1D - Display Policy. Companies employ different styles to their presentations.
DL1- 2015 /2A
Module 2A - Display personnel. Ways in which VM departments are structured.
DL1- 2015 /2B
Module 2B - Composition. Use of balance on which to base a display design.
DL1- 2015 /2C
Module 2C - Layout, Focal point. Basic structures to organise your presentation.
DL1- 2015 /2D_E
Module 2D/E - Practical composition and layout exercise
DL1- 2015 /3
Module 3 - Practical. Installation of a complete VM project.
DL1- 2015 /4A
Module 4A - Basic Guidelines for Display. The do's and don'ts of handling merchandise
DL1- 2015 /4B
Module 4B - Useful tools and equipment
DL1- 2015 /4C
Module 4C - Materials. Most common fabrics and structural materials used in VM.
DL1- 2015 /4D
Module 4D - Suppliers. Where to obtain materials and equipment.
DL1- 2015 /5A
Module 5A - Variety of mannequins and their care.
DL1- 2015 /5B
Module 5B - Arrangement and use of Mannequins.
DL1- 2015 /5C
Module 5C - Dressing a Mannequin.
DL1- 2015 /5D
Module 5D - Selecting an Outfit and its Accessories.
DL1- 2015 /6A
Module 6A - Formulating Ideas. How to create a relevant theme/prop for a presentation.
DL1- 2015 /6B
Module 6B - Found Props. Existing items that can be adapted to become props.
DL1- 2015 /6C
Module 6C - Constructed Props. Choice of props available and how to obtain them.
DL1- 2015 /6D
Module 6D - Lighting. Basic guide to the range of lighting available for windows and interiors.
DL1- 2015 /7A
Module 7A - Terminology Store Interior. Words and phrases used in interior shop design.
DL1- 2015 /7B
Module 7B - Types Int Display. Merchandising sites available in-store and how they are used.
DL1- 2015 /7C
Module 7C - Signs, Graphics and Ticketing. A guide for designing, producing and placing tickets and signage.
DL1- 2015 /7D
Module 7D - Colour. Basic colour theory and colour schemes.
DL1- 2015 /8
Module 8 - Interior Practical. Installation of a complete interior display.
DL1- 2015 /9A
Module 9A - Practical Window. Window Preparation.
DL1- 2015 /9B
Module 9B - Practical Window. Window Practical.
DL1- 2015 /10A
Module 10A - Drawing Plans and Elevations. Terminology and the purpose of scale drawings.
DL1- 2015 /10B
Module 10B - Simple Orthographic projections. Production of elevations and plan of familiar objects.
DL1- 2015 /10C
Module 10C - Scale Drawings. Producing a scale drawing of an empty window enclosure or shop front.
DL1- 2015 /10D
Module 10D - Window Enclosure with Prop. Producing a scale drawing of a complete display design with prop.
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