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  Frequently Asked Questions  
Q. What do I need to access the courses?
A. You will need:-
access to broadband internet and an email address
Q. How can I pay for my course?
A. You have the choice of 3 methods of payment; 1. Payment in full by Cheque, 2. Payment in full by BACS transfer 3. Payment by Standing order - The First Payment is £49.00 and thereafter £49 every month for 9 further payments. When you enrol, you will be sent a standing order to present to your bank plus a contract whereby you agree to make all the payments. When full payment or the standing order arrangements have been completed, you will have access to the course material and your Tutor will contact you. As soon as either full payment or the standing order arrangements have been completed, you will have access to the course material and your Tutor will contact you.
Q. How long will it take?
A. You can proceed though the course at your own pace, there are no time constraints for you to deliver course work. It can be completed as quickly as 6 months. But we ask you to aim for completing within 24 months.
Q. What will my qualification be on completion?
A. On completion of the course, a British Display Society Certificate will be issued. This does not award any levels or UKAS points but will give you a qualification from the BDS, which is recognised and respected within the industry. You will also have the opportunity of applying for membership of the society, awarding an affix that acknowledges your professional standing.
Q. What will I learn and what equipment will I need?
A. This course will enable you to learn the basics of visual merchandising and display.You will learn about how to arrange a presentation and group merchandise, how to select striking combinations of items, how to light them effectively and what you will need to do to enhance them with backgrounds, props and accessories. The modules are designed to develop basic skills that will enable you to design and install displays that attract attention, communicate information and sell merchandise or services. You will be able to complete each module in your own time then submit it for assessment, and, if judged to be of a good standard, you will progress to the next stage. After completion of a group of modules you will gain a credit which will go towards achieving a BDS qualification. It may not always be possible to complete all the modules in order as the practical sessions may take some time to arrange. If you need help at any stage it will always be available by e-mail or telephone. To ensure that your work can be assessed in the most effective way it will be necessary for you to be connected to broadband internet, an e-mail address, a Microsoft Word compatible word processing programme, a digital camera, a scanner and a webcam operating with the free downloadable Skype programme. A small amount of other basic tools and equipment will be required, these will be listed as the course progresses.
Q. When do I work with my Tutor?
A. You will arrange Tutorial time that is convenient to both you and your Tutor.
Q. How much does the Distance Learning Certificate in Display and Visual Merchandising Course cost?
A. DL1-2015 BDS Distance Learning Certificate in Display and Visual Merchandising - £490 Option 1 £490 Pay by BACS: Please pay: Barclays Bank PLC. Sort code: 20-70-93 Account number: 10248630 BAN - GB58BARC20709310248630 Swift/Bic: BARCGB22 Please will you advise us when you have arranged for the BACS transfer and give a payment reference so that we can track your payment Option 2 By Standing Order The First Payment is £49.00 and thereafter £49 every month for 9 further payments If you choose this option, a standing order form and contract will be produced for you in response to your enrolment. Option 3 £490 Payment by cheque cheque payable to: British Display Society and send together with your name and address to: British Display Society. 48 High Street, Tibshelf, Alfreton, Derbyshire DE55 5NX
Q. How will my work be marked and how may credits do I need to pass?
A. Module grades will be converted into units. Pass = 1, Credit = 2, Distinction = 3 There are 27 Modules in the course, so the minimum number of units to pass will be 27. Collecting 27 - 45 units will show as a Pass on your final award. 46 - 63 will be shown as a Passing with Credit 64- 81 will be shown as Passing with Distinction
Q. What are the term times, when can I start?
A. There are no term times. Each student starts the course, when payment is made, and then progresses at their own pace. There are no pressures to complete the modules at certain dates. However, you will have a responsibility to meet the deadlines you choose to set with your local retailer for your window design instalments. However, we would expect you to complete the course within two years after which extra charges may apply.
Q. How do we get the practical experience?
A. The practical elements of the course start with basic exercises that the students are at home on a table and where we communicate by web cam on Skype for assessment. When it comes to full size projects we ask the students to team up with a local retailer offering to install a window/interior display giving their labour for free. We will provide you with introductory documents which explain about the course and in exchange for your free labour we will expect the retailer to cover any expenses incurred and supply a short report confirming that the installation was all your own work. In addition you will provide photos of the installation in progress and the finished display. There are three Modules like this contained in the course, not necessarily using the same retailer, which will enable you to gain real life experience and also could give you useful contacts for future projects. All other Modules can be accomplished through e-mail and Skype, nothing needs to be posted but could be if preferred. You will also need a digital camera and a scanner for parts of the course.
Q. If I should decide to quit the course can I have a refund?
A. There is a 14 day period, from the first payment of standing orders or full payment, to withdraw from the course. You can request a refund in the first 14 days following payment only. If you are paying by standing order the first payment is not refundable as this is absorbed by administration costs.
Q. Which qualifications do I need to study this course?
A. No qualifications are needed to study this course, but you do need an artistic flare, creativity and a good design ability.
Q. Can you give an estimate how long each module takes to complete?
A. The modules vary enormously and because you can take your own time each student can allot any number of hours per week. A rough estimate is; Modules 1a,b,c,d and 2a all involve about 3 to 4 hours research/photography each with a small amount of written content. 2b/c together should take around 5 hours research/photography. 2d/e is about 1.5 hours on Skype with a couple of hours prep. Module 3 Practical, a couple of days. Module 4a half an hour, multiple choice, 4b/c 2 hours research/written. 4d half an hour research. 5a 4-6 hours research and design. 5b 3 hours research/photos. 5c 6-8 hours design and construction. 5d 4hours research and design. 6a/b 3-4 hours research/photos. 6c 3-4 hours research/design. 6d 2 hours colouring-in. Module 7, 2 days Practical, Module 8, 3 days practical. Module 9b 3-4 hours drawing, 9c, 2 hours drawing, 9d 3-4 hours drawing
Q. Can you send me a prospectus?
A. As this is an international distance learning course, this website is central to the course, therefore all the information is listed here. But if you have any specific questions please use the enquiry form and we will be happy to answer your question.
Q. Can this course be used for in-house training?
A. Yes, please contact us via the enquiry form, we will be pleased to discuss your requirements
Q. What are the Terms and Conditions?
A. Terms and Conditions 1. Your course lecturer will contact you immediately after either, full payment has been received, or a standing order has been arranged to pay by instalments of 5 10 monthly payments. Your Login ID and password will be activated to allow you to download course material from the website to commence work with your Tutor as soon as payment has been received or the first instalment paid. 2. Full payment or standing order for monthly payments must be completed by the student regardless of progress during the course, resignation or exclusion. 3. All the information, text and images supplied to the student as part of the course remain the property of the BDS and cannot be shared with any third party. 4. In compliance with the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000, a student can be reimbursed providing a claim is made within 7 14 days of payment or receipt of the first module material. 5. The BDS acts in compliance with the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000
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